Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Must Read

Here is a great series of blog posts on Albania. Check it out!


Matt Pointon said...

Thanks for your kind comments and recommendations for my posts. To be honest, I do feel that Albanian Excursions truly sums up just how fascinating and incredible I find Albania and the fantastic trip I took there in 2009 but it is a start and there will be more when I return someday. However, if I may proffer an opinion, whilst I really like Albania, I like it more as part of a Balkan whole. I have lived in Bulgaria and also on Corfu, (although how Balkan that island is is highly debatable), and have travelled extensively through the entire peninsular and find it all fascinating with Albania being an integral part of that whole. If you liked Albanian Excursions, check out my longer travelogue Balkania which explores some of those themes more deeply and references Albania quite a few times. Who knows, it may provide you with some inspiration for short breaks from Tirana???

If you don't mind, I'll add a recommendation for your blog onto mine and 'follow' you as I like your posts, particularly 'Beauty and the Beast', (again themes there that are echoed across the Balkans).

Anonymous said...

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Matt Pointon said...

Thanks, I appreciate it

Uncle Travelling Matt

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