Monday, September 10, 2012

A Good Review

Edward Reeves of the Telegraph has been doing what I long to - travelling all over Albania and writing about   it.  And write he does.  Here's a taste.

This is odd. I'm sitting in a bar in Tirana, Albania, and there's not a gangster in sight. What there is is a 20ft-long counter packed with an array of enticing meats, a friendly man who grills them on request, and beer at 70p a glass. Everyone speaks English, and everyone is unfailingly nice. Could it be that there's a mismatch between Albania's reputation for – how to put this politely? – unconventional economic activity, and the modern-day reality? After a week travelling the country with my mother, without so much of a whiff of trouble or a gangster's cheap cologne, I'd say the answer is a resounding yes.

I suggest you see the whole article.  Well worth reading.


BeyondBelief said...

All they needed was Korce, and they'd have had the same tour I did. Thinking back, I didn't do Butrint, but Byllis was equal.

Seefeel said...

I love to see Albania !

Michael Johnson said...

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