Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now I'm Jealous!

Don't you hate it when someone else is living your dream? I've always been an avid motorcycle fan and want to start a motorcycle adventure touring company here in Albania. The geography is great, the sights are amazing, and the law is just lassez faire enough to let you get away with some two-wheeled hijinks that would have you in a U.S. jail in no time.

As I travel around I alway assess each new trip with a motorcyclists' eye. The road from Vlora to Sarande is twisty enough to keep you on your toes. The mountains between Gjirokaster and Permet have great off-road potential. Imagine the thrill of riding to Theth ... Oh wait! Someone else has done it. Damn!

An adventurous Czech company has organized a tour which includes Albania and I have to find out about it through a Google Search? Bummer. Check out part one and part two of their adventure. Even if you aren't a biker, you'll love the pictures of Northern Albania.

I really need to get to work on setting this up before I;m too old to heave a leg over a bike and head off into the hills!

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