Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's usually the first question.

Seems like the easiest question.

In the end, it's the one you end up asking yourself every day and finding a different answer.

"Why are you living in Albania?" I hear this question all the time from Albanians and from internationals. Depending on who is doing the asking or my mood at the moment, the answer ranges from a standard spiel to a wiseass quip; or, occasionally, a genuine attempt to explain how I ended up here and why I stay. Regardless of how I answer, I usually end up with more questions for myself.

"Is that really why you're here?"

"Do you really believe what you just said or are you just running your mouth?"

In the end, the answer is never complete. This blog is an attempt to capture for me, and share with you, the reasons why I'm here and why I stay. I hope you enjoy it and have the patience to put up with my sporadic tendencies. Like the rain in my home state, my muse visits rarely but when it does arrive, it pours.



DAI said...

Welcome to you too!

Several are the 'whys' now for me in traveling regularly to and from the country of my origin, which I had to leave when a baby, but returned to in my maturity.

My experiences since 1993 have been and are awesome, and wish you also good and pleasant ones while in the land of the eagles.

Congratulations on your blog, which will be linked to mine within a few minutes.


Thomas F. said...

Hey, I'm going to throw you a link at well on my Danish blog -

The title aptly means "The East Blog".

Jorge said...

Hola amigo: quería invitarte que visites el blog que estoy realizando con mis alumnos de segundo año de la secundaria sobre LA DISCRIMINACIÓN.
Tema arduo e interesante.
Seguro será de tu agrado.
Tu aporte será valioso
Un abrazo desde la Argentina.